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Why You Need to Plan a Quick Getaway

Sometimes you just need a quick getaway to escape life, your hectic schedule and relax for a few days. Whether you’re looking to try new restaurants, spend time outdoors, or cozy up inside – The Hotel Marblehead is for you!

Benefits of a Quick Getaway

Spend Time Doing What You Want

Since you may have less time to explore, it’s best to do the things you really want to do or see the highlights of the area. You’ll have to prioritize your time, but if you spend time doing things you really enjoy, you can get just as much out of your quick getaway as you would a long vacation. Our staff can assist you with planning the perfect itinerary for your stay to get the most use of your time.

You Can Make the Best Use of Your Vacations Days

For most of us vacation days are at a premium. When you take a few short vacation trips, you are then able to take more trips throughout the year which in turn will give you more to look forward to. Stressed at work? Just check your calendar for the dates of your upcoming trip and feel your stress melt away.

Really Disconnect

On a quick getaway, it’s easier and you are more likely to disconnect from your devices then on a long extended vacation. Being able to truly relax and rest, even for a short period of time, has been shown to boost productivity, increase creativity, and reduce the long-term risks of potentially fatal ailments.

You Will Save Money

Long vacations can be very expensive and require lots of pre-planning. Shorter getaways give you the ability to plan multiple trips and not leave you feeling as if too much was spent for a short period of the year. You will have fewer meals out, fewer nights at a hotel, and less likely to need a long or expensive flight.

The city of Boston is just south from The Hotel Marblehead which makes it a convenient location. A getaway that is stress-free with travel time is a great way to recharge your batteries and come back feeling not only refreshed, but also energized.

If you are in need of a quick getaway, come see us at The Hotel Marblehead! We are happy to have you for your quick getaway, or even longer ones. Whether you’re traveling from somewhere near or far, let us know how we can make your vacation enjoyable. For any questions call us at 781-639-9999 or contact us on our website. Ready to book? Book online with us!

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