Weekend getaway essentials laid out before being packed

Travel Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are perfect for a short break to relax and unwind and escape from everyday life or a hectic work week.  One of the biggest questions for travelers is what to pack? Here are some travel essentials that you may not think of to bring, but you’ll be glad you did. 

What to Pack for a Weekend Getaway? 

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is necessary because if you’re like most people, you don’t drink as much water as you normally do on vacation as you do while at home. If you are carrying a reusable water bottle then you will be more inclined to drink water throughout the day keeping you hydrated. There are so many choices for water bottles in both size and style such as aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and hard plastic. Choose the best suited for your vacation needs and make sure to pack!

Laundry Bag

Since suitcases are small especially for a weekend getaway, protect their contents from wet swimsuits or dirty socks with a separate bag.  Make sure to grab some type of a plastic or cloth bag to keep your wet, soiled and smelly clothes away from your clean clothes while you are traveling. You can use a simple grocery bag but there are also specific bags designed for suitcases and travel. 

Small First Aid Kit

No one goes on vacation and expects to get injured but it could happen and best to be prepared!  A small blister can ruin your day of exploring or a small cut sometimes needs to be treated. A full first aid kit is not necessary but be sure to have on hand just a few band-aids, antibiotic cream, and wipes. If you need something more, most hotels, including ours, have additional options. 


Yes, we live in an age with smartphones, but when you are using your phone as a camera you will be more inclined to check emails, text messages, browse the web, or get caught up in the proverbial rabbit hole. Invest in a camera that can be thrown in your bag to capture impromptu shots and moments without getting distracted by modern technology. 


Friends and family members still like to share vacation highlights with a postcard!. It’s easy to drop off that postcard as a highlight before you can share memories in person. Make sure you bring stamps so that you can drop off that card to be mailed before you get back. What a better way to share the beautiful destination you are visiting.

Planning a Weekend Getaway?

If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway, come stay at The Hotel Marblehead! Our hotel is close to the wonderful sights of Marblehead, MA and surrounding areas; the perfect destination regardless of the season. For more information on our accommodations, visit us online or call us directly at 781-639-9999

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