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Reasons To Go On A Babymoon

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is the last vacation or last hurrah before the new parents have their first child or add another one to the mix. Most commonly babymoons happen in the second trimester of pregnancy. A babymoon is a time for couples to spend time together and relax before the baby is born. As you are preparing for the new baby to come, the to-do list is ever growing and you may think that going on a babymoon isn’t a high priority. If this is your first baby or you are expert parents, there are many reasons and benefits of going on a babymoon!

Why go on a babymoon

  • To celebrate the baby before he/she is born. Having a baby is an exciting time in your life, there’s no way to celebrate and get excited for the baby to come like taking time out of your life! This is something you are not only doing for yourself, but also for the baby.
  • Time away from your day to day activities. Everyone has their daily grind, the day to day routine that makes life mundane. A babymoon is a chance to get away from that and to really enjoy yourself, your partner, and life!
  • Get some rest and relaxation. Let’s face it – having a baby is stressful. You have a million things to do and your mind is going a million miles a minute. This is a time to forget everything, & to remember to breathe. A lot of pregnant women do a prenatal massage during their babymoon to relax that much more.
  • Spend time with your significant other. How often do we enjoy the moments and time we spend with your significant other? This is a chance to do that. Spend quality time, and enjoy each other before your life is about to drastically change.
  • Imagine your baby’s life. What will their personality be like? What will their hobbies be? What will they look like? All fun things to think about, and to be surprised about.
  • To remember to take time for yourself. Your baby’s health relies on your health. Taking time for yourself not only will help you, but it will help your baby be healthy and grow.
  • Go over birth plans. This is a great time to make a plan for the baby’s birth.  You are relaxed – and won’t be frantically planning. And are able to really think about how you want your birth to go and plan out details. What if you’re at work, if your partner is gone, etc. All things to think about.
  • Talk about parenting styles. No matter if this is your first child or you are adding to your family, it’s important to go over how you want to parent.  How you want to act, how you want to discipline, etc are all good things to open up the conversation with your significant other.
  • Traveling will never be the same. This may be because you’ll have kids in tow or because you’ll have to find a babysitter. Either way, you’ll never be able to travel the same.
  • To make memories. You can never have enough memories of you and your significant other.
If you are considering going on a babymoon at The Hotel Marblehead, we are happy to have you! Let us know what we can do to make this a special time for you both. Contact us today with any questions at 781-639-9999 or to book your babymoon. 

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