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Make The Hotel Marblehead Your Winter Destination

Most people in New England look to escape the cold, and we don’t blame them. However, at the Hotel Marblehead, we like to cozy up and embrace the colder weather while dreaming of those warmer months ahead. Marblehead, Massachusetts, may not be known as a winter destination,  but the charm of The Hotel Marblehead is guaranteed to warm you up!

Some winter days are milder than others, perfect for exploring the town. On days where the weather is on the colder side, there are still great ways to enjoy your time with us as well.

  1. Visit the Marblehead Museum. There are lots of artifacts, antiques, documents, artifacts,  parts of collections from the civil war all that tell the story of Marblehead’s vast history.
  2. Bundle up a take a walk on the Marblehead bike path. This four-mile trail covers the coastal area that surrounds the hotel. The bike path is right off the hotel as well making this trail a convenient starting point from which to explore.
  3. Go hot chocolate tasting. There are many coffee and hot chocolate shops in Marblehead, MA. You can try a different one every time you are feeling chilly to discover your favorite.
  4. Go ice skating at Redd’s Pond. This pond is named after Wilmot “Mammy” Redd. Mammy Redd was sentenced to death in the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, who was one of the only witches who was actually convicted.
  5. Check out Robinson Farm. This farm is one of the newest additions to Marblehead’s historical sites, it was a working dairy farm for over 200 years. Though it’s not a working farm anymore, the history is still vast.
  6. Enjoy the hotel. If you need a warm and cozy getaway to unwind and renew, we invite you to sit by our fire and relax. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, maybe your favorite book and enjoy time in our lobby or in your room.

It’s no secret that the quaint town of Marblehead, MA flourishes in the summer. The beaches fill up and the town tends to get busy. However, Marblehead it’s not to be overlooked in the winter either. The snow and chilly winter it happens to be one of our favorite seasons, providing a dramatic background for a winter retreat.

To get your winter getaway booked or if you have any questions about the hotel or Marblehead, MA call us at 781-639-9999 or contact us on our website! We can’t wait to welcome you to our hotel.

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