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How To Plan A Romantic Getaway

Tips for planning your romantic getaway 

Planning a romantic getaway largely depends on the couple, what to do, and where to go. Every person has their own idea of romance. But no matter the couple, there are certain things that you shouldn’t skimp on and things to consider when you are planning a romantic getaway.

Decide on a location

The first step in planning a romantic getaway is to decide on a location – some couples love the city life and thrive on the hustle and bustle. Other couples want to relax and “get away” from it all. Sometimes this can even vary on the person in the relationship. If that is the case, we recommend a place located that is close to the city, but still able to get away from the city life and be able to enjoy one another.

Avoid the crowds

We recommend to try and avoid the crowds on your getaway. Even if you want to go to a highly populated area, having to navigate crowds brings on added stress, which does the opposite of letting you enjoy each other. The purpose of a romantic getaway is to focus on one another and the love/bond you both share.

The time you are able to take

In the planning stages and your destination, it’s important to look at the time you are able to take off from work and daily life and factor that into the destination you choose. If you can only take a three day weekend but want to go somewhere that takes a day to travel there, and a day to travel back. Is it worth it? We recommend going to a place that you are able to enjoy the most time while you are there.

Don’t forget to take pictures

This may seem silly while you are on your getaway but once you leave, it will be priceless to look back at the pictures and relive the memories. This means everything you do, take pictures, either snap a “selfie” and take one yourself or don’t be afraid to grab someone in the area to snap a photo of you two.

Pick what to do together

If you both decompress working out, great do that! If you both love a spa day, then do that. It’s important to come up with activities together so that you both enjoy the trip. This doesn’t mean that if someone loves an activity and the other does something they love at the same time, this shouldn’t be done. If your partner loves to golf, and you love your alone time to finish your latest book, great! Do that. This trip is about the couple.

Create a lasting experience


Overall on your romantic getaway, the goal is to create a lasting experience to recreate the love/bond you share. This way you both have more memories to look back on and think about the time you spend together.

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