How to Best Relax at the Hotel Marblehead

Vacations and getaways are meant to be relaxing. Unwinding while you are away on vacation will help you get back to your everyday life feeling recharged both mentally and physically. You’ll return refreshed and ready to face the reality of everyday life. Do you know how to relax on vacation? Most people don’t. Read our tips on how to relax and take advantage of your time away during your getaway. 

Don’t Set an Alarm

The whole purpose of a vacation is to help you escape from your daily routine. Not setting an alarm is one of the best ways to achieve this. Setting that alarm could possibly disrupt you if you’re in a great, deep sleep. By not setting an alarm and letting your body wake up naturally on its own – you’re on the path to waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Even if you have something you want to do in the morning, would sleeping an extra half hour really matter? Let your biological clock be the alarm. 

Cozy Up in a Robe

At the Hotel Marblehead, we offer to our guests’ complimentary, comfy robes in the room for use during your stay. Whether you cuddle up next to the fire with a warm cup of tea or wrap yourself in our luxurious robe after a calming shower, you can’t help but relax. Robes exude the ultimate relaxation vibe. 

Ride Bikes Leisurely

Most people cycle as a form of exercise or for transportation. When was the last time you’ve gone on a bike ride just to get fresh air and feel the breeze on your face? Most people don’t often enough. Swing by the front desk, grab our bikes and hop on for a leisurely tour around the town of Marblehead or on the scenic Marblehead bike path right behind the hotel. 

Try Something New

If you find yourself getting restless while on vacation, don’t be afraid to try something new or different! Vacations are also all about doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Try badminton, flying a kite at the beach, sailing or paddleboarding while at the Hotel Marblehead.

Leave Work at Home

With modern technology, it’s become harder and harder to leave work behind, but doing so will allow you to go back to work relaxed and energized. If it’s one thing that will ruin a vacation, it’s work. Be sure to set boundaries for yourself before going on vacation and try and fully disengage your mind from work. 

Ready to Book a Relaxing Vacation?

Ready to plan that ultimate relaxing vacation? Then it’s time to make plans to come to stay with us at the Hotel Marblehead in Marblehead MA. During your stay, if you want recommendations on how to relax, come see us at the front desk. We can give you recommendations based on what you want from a spa day to the best place in town for manicures and pedicures. You can book directly online or call us at 781-639-9999 for more information.

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