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Halloween in Salem, MA – What to expect!

Holiday vacations are nothing new – but millennials are not only taking more vacations, they are vacationing for non-traditional holidays such as Halloween. One of the best Halloween vacation spots is Salem, Massachusetts, right near Marblehead, MA. In fact, Salem receives more than half a million visitors during the month of October. 

To make your Halloween stay more enjoyable, consider staying at Hotel Marblehead. Located in Marblehead, it is a short trip away from downtown Salem, but significantly less crowded. Once arriving in Salem, there are many Halloween-themed things to do, including:

Tours in Salem 

While there are more traditional tours of Salem given during the day, Halloween calls for something a little different, like a nighttime guided tour or a famous Witch Walk.  

Nighttime Guided Tour 

Several companies in Salem offer walking night tours. Most of them contain ghost stories and tales of the Salem events the town is known for. Tours last between 90 minutes and two hours. If you’re positive you want to take a tour while in Salem, book ahead. The tours often sell out during October. 

Witch Walk 

In addition to more traditional tours, there are magical guided walking tours as well. These tours educate attendees on modern witchcraft as well as the events of the 1692 witch trials. 

Halloween Performances in Salem 

While in Salem at Halloween, it is only appropriate to learn more about the creepy witch events that took place in Salem in 1692. While you can certainly visit the Salem Witch Museum, one of the best ways to learn more about the trials is to attend the History Alive performance that reenacts the trails. During the performance, the audience acts as the jury, and it gives audience-goers a perspective on what it was like to be part of the hysteria. 


With half a million folks pouring into Salem to celebrate Halloween, there are plenty of opportunities to people-watch. There are multiple festivals and parades throughout the city during October, where people-watchers can soak in the sights. 

Halloween shopping 

Halloween is actually a great time to start your Christmas shopping, and Salem provides a lot of unique stores for you to find souvenirs or holiday gifts. Consider collectibles like blown glass witch balls, books on Salem history, jewelry, and more.

Hotel Marblehead: The perfect place to stay to enjoy Halloween on Massachusets North Shore. 

There is so much to do in Salem and Marblehead during the month of October. If you’re considering taking a trip, be sure to book as much as you can in advance (be aware that restaurants do not take reservations during October) and consider staying outside of downtown. Marblehead is a perfect location to stay in so that you can still experience Salem without being in the middle of all of the action. 

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