A child giving her Mom a hug with flowers in her hand

Celebrate Mother’s Day: Unique Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, how to celebrate and pay tribute to the mom we love in a unique and special way is on everyone’s mind. Mother’s Day offers us a chance to go the extra mile and honor mom on one special day.

Most of us want to give our Moms a gift that they will love and enjoy. Does your Mom enjoy quality time with you? Does your Mom love things that you have made her? These are all some of the questions you should in mind when deciding on the perfect gift for your Mom.

Here are some unique and personal gift ideas for your Mom:

  • Purchase an item embroidered with her name or favorite saying on it. How about a scarf, mittens, an apron, or anything else your mom might use frequently and be reminded of you.
  • How about a planner or journal embossed with a saying or remembrance you both share on it? For example, if since when you were little, when you told mom you loved her, she always replied with “forever and infinity”? That would be perfect to add, keeping the memory close by on a gift that will be both useful and sentimental.
  • Gift a magazine subscription. If your Mom is interested in traveling, cooking, wine, reality stars, or whatever it may be there is a magazine for it. Every time the magazine arrives she will be reminded of you.
  • Give her a live flower, plant, or tree that can be planted especially if your mom loves to garden. This is a great gift that will keep on giving. She will not only get to witness it grow but it will also give her a fun activity to do.

Take your Mom on a Getaway

The Hotel Marblehead is the perfect place to treat your mom this Mother’s Day and spend quality time together in a unique setting. There are many attractions locally to explore and plenty to do at the hotel to celebrate and enjoy this special day.

If you have questions about booking your stay with us feel free to call us at 781-639-9999 or contact us on our website. You can also book online. We can’t wait to make your Mother’s Day Special!

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